Potting Cups


Considered by few to be an out-dated molding system that was replaced by injection molding, Compression Molding is often a better solution for certain applications requiring thicker walls, tighter tolerances and better dimensional stability.

Occasionally, compression molding is the ONLY possible molding method for certain materials and part designs or requirements. As the original service L.W. Reinhold Plastics offered in 1943, compression molding has become our prime specialty, and the key to our more than 67 years of success. Unlike the few other compression molders in the world today, our 9 presses were specifically designed and custom built by our founder Lyle Reinhold to be capable of producing 5,000psi of cylinder pressure compared to the industry standard of 2,200psi.

That means we can produce a higher packed, more dimensionally stable, and better structurally sound part than our competition. This also means we can run larger parts on a smaller press, thereby saving our customer money.