Injection Molding


With over 40 years of injection molding experience and 13 presses on the shop floor, ranging from 5 to 200 tons, L.W. Reinhold Plastics is a top contender in the competitive industry of Injection Molding.

While we have the capability to process the every day consumer grade thermoplastics at competitive prices, we are set far away from others in the industry with our specialty services.

Unlike most injection molders, L.W. Reinhold Plastics specializes in molding the high temperature engineering grade thermoplastics and thermosets that others can't.

1. Thermoplastics:

Like most other molders, L.W. Reinhold has the capability to process the most common inexpensive consumer grade materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, styrene, abs, acrylic (plexiglass), polyamide(nylon), and polycarbonate(Lexan), ect...

Additionally, we specialize in the high temperature, engineering grade and tougher to mold materials such as Polyetheretherketone(PEEK), Polysulfone(Udel), Polyethersulfone(Radel A), Polyphenylsulfone(Radel R), Polyphenylene Sulfide(Ryton), Polyetherimide(Ultem), Acetal, and PBT ect. Not only do we excel with "difficult" materials, we also specialize in difficult to mold parts and close tolerances.

2. Thermosets:

Although Thermosetting materials or "Thermosets" have been around for quite some time, most molders don't know of them, nor do they know how to process them. L.W. Reinhold Plastics is not "Most Molders"! We have been processing thermosets via compression molding since our conception in 1943 and injection molding thermosets since the 1960's.

We have an unmatched level of expertise and stock thousands of pounds of material on hand at all times, such as several different grades and colors of Diallyl Phthalates (DAP), epoxies, melamine, phenolics and more.