The L.W. Reinhold Plastics Engineering Department utilizes expertise and well-rounded experience to provide our customers with various services such as Product Development, Prototyping, Process Performance Modifications and Consulting Services.

Our engineering Department also closes monitors all phases of production in addition to supervising our Quality Control Department.

1. Product Development:

One of the hardest steps to take in manufacturing is transitioning a design into a product. Our engineering department is here to make that transition as smooth as possible. We're here to help make those difficult decisions when deciding on materials, manufacturing methods, and tooling choices, etc.

We also offer insight when choosing packaging systems and offer referrals to the appropriate marketing firms. L.W. Reinhold Plastics has the capability to manufacture and manage your product from concept to completion.

2. Prototyping:

L.W. Reinhold Plastics offers several prototyping services to suit our customer's needs.

We offer internal CNC and conventional machining of physical prototypes and prototype tooling for short to medium molding runs via injection molding, compression molding, and vacuum forming.

With our use of soft tooling, Master Unit Dies and our own proprietary rapid tooling systems, we are often able to produce a small quantity production run of functional parts for less than you would expect to pay for an SLA or 3D printed prototype.

3. Process Performance:

One key service that our Engineering Department provides is something we call Process Performance Optimization.

This is a process where we examine our customers existing tooling and determine what modifications can be made to the tooling and/or the part design to make the manufacturing a customer's product more feasible or economically sound.

Simple things such as the addition of a hot runner system or cooling line can dramatically reduce cycle times translating into long term cost savings for the customer.