Mold Making and Machining

Mold Making and Machining

One key element that separates a capable molder from an incapable molder is the addition of an in-house mold shop.

Our mold shop is well equipped with the necessary machinery to routinely maintain, repair or modify your current molds as well as construct new Class-A and B molds, fabricate various fixtures or dies and perform precise secondary operation machining of molded parts.

Our list of in-house machinery includes a CNC Vertical Mill, various conventional mills and lathes, arbor and hydraulic presses, an EDM, Rockwell Hardness Tester, several surface grinders and more.

1. Mold Services:

All customer owned molds and tooling undergo extensive preventive maintenance and cleaning before and after every production run. This ensures that the customer's investment is well cared for and lasts as long as possible.

This free-service typically reduces cycle times directly minimizing part cost and improves the visual quality as well as structural integrity of the end product. We also offer other services such as complete over-haul or rebuild, part/revision changes, repair and process performance modifications.

2. New Molds:

Under the direction and guidance of our engineering department, the L.W. Reinhold Plastics Mold Shop has the capability and expertise to build your Class-A, Class-B, or prototype tooling at a price and lead time that's hard to beat. From 1 to 50 cavities, from aluminum to hard steels such as H13, we can build tooling to fit your needs and your budget at the same time. Utilizing proprietary techniques coupled with the use of MUD frames as well as our own Rapid Tooling Systems, we're able to produce U.S. made molds at near Asian prices with lead times as short as days, not months!